Asian Organo Industries is a leading chemical manufacturer that makes wide range of chemicals from stabilizers, to stearates and oxides used in a variety of industries such as tyre, rubber, battery and polymer all over the world.

The Asian Organo Industries Logo is clean and balanced. While keeping the values of Asian Organo Industries in mind, the logo incorporates a round bottom chemical flask, used for quality analysis, research and developments of the products which is one of the key elements of the company and also includes AOI i.e. the initials of the Industry name.

Branding, Packaging Design, Publication Design

Client: Asian Organo Industries

Year: 2020

logo construction-03 copy.jpg

The new Asian Organo Industries logo is a combination of the round bottom chemical flask used for quality analysis, research and developments of the products and AOI i.e. the initials of the Industry name.

The color palette is grey and maroon, which has been carried forward from the earlier branding of AOI. The color Maroon stands for ambition and confidence, parallel to what AOI values are, and grey represents neutrality and balance.

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The graphic anchor which is the round bottom chemical flask that is used for quality analysis, testing and research and developments of the products, holds an important place in the brand communication, and should be used to keep the branding intact.

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The graphic pattern is derived from the graphic anchor, and can be used in various ways to enhance the brand identity. For eg. gift wrapping sheets, glass graphics, exhibition panel walls etc