Thar which stands for Trans Himalayan Art Restoration, also means Snow Leopard in Spiti.

Thar is a brand which is inspired by the handicrafts of the Trans Himalayan region and

showcases innovative, creative and interesting use of designs inspired by the region.

The main focus of the brand is to spread awareness about the Secure Himalaya project and

make people aware about the elusive snow leopard being endangered.

Branding, Textile Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics

Thesis project at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, 2019

Photography Credits: Yash Kamat


The logo is derived from the elusive snow leopard’s eye. The snow leopard’s eye is a distinct feature

as they have great eye sight with the ability to see six times better than humans.

The logo is a subtle representation of what the brand is about, also incorporating elements like the mountain and sun which talks about the region.

Business Card Hand.jpg
Price Tag Thar.jpg

The illustration style is inspired from the rich kinnauri weaving and follows the similar pixel style.

The motifs are developed from the kinnauri motif’s, keeping the authenticity of the craft intact.

The visual language aims at creating awareness about the snow leopard through the motif’s and patterns created by it. 


The product space extends to Utility Products like Camera Straps, Bag Straps, Pouch etc.

Products which are more universal and can be used more often in daily use.  

The brand focuses on keeping the rich craft alive while inspiring people to make the craft a part

of their daily life.


The advertisement video gives an introduction to the cause of snow leopard being endangered.

It continues by introducing Thar and provides a platform for the viewers to contribute to the project.

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